White Birch Classic

Enriched with Birch Sap. Twelve-century Slavic manuscripts refer

to the birch sap as the main ingredient of their spiritual brewages,

from which White Birch Vodka takes its roots.

100% Authentic Russian Vodka – grown, harvested, fermented,

distilled, blended, bottled, sealed and shipped from Russia

White Birch – a „top shelf“ brand – frosted bottle, clear window,

cool blue and white color scheme

White Birch is a premium vodka with leading positions in

Russia by volume. In 2009 5 000 000 liters was sold in Russia.

In supermarket chain Auchan White Birch was the best selling vodka

all over Russia in 2009 in bottle size of 500ml.

Premium Vodka from the heart of Russia,

100 % grain spirit distilled 5 times,

the grain composition is wheat and rye. 

We never use potato and corn for destillation,

strictly following the ages-long Russian  vodka-making tradition.

Beverage Tasting Institute (USA)

93 points – Gold – Medal – Exceptional

(above Stolichnaya, Ketel One, Chopin, Three Olives, Polar Ice)

Fun, interactive web site www.whitebirch-vodka.com promotes

brand identity, brand awareness, brand loyalty

White Birch Classic is available in 0,05 l - 0,5 l – 0,7 l  and 1 l bottles.

White Birch Frosty Cranberry

Since ancient times in Russia, cranberry drinks were especially

popular during severe russian winters as it brings all necessary

lacking vitamins.

Enjoying this vodka straight, you will discover a delicate

cranberry aroma followed by the classical smoothness of the

White Birch Vodka with an elegant sweet-and-sour cranberry aftertaste.

The Russian vodka-making tradition implies that a

flavoured vodka is still a vodka and not a perfume.

Therefore unlike many Western vodkas, which typically

have a very strong aroma, White Birch FROSTY CRANBERRY

is very moderate “frosty” in its flavour.

Thanks to natural Birch Sap and Cranberry, vodka gains 

extremely palatable taste- at the same time slightly sourish and sweet.

White Birch Cranberry is produced by using the juicy and ripe cranberry,

harvested in late autumn. Cranberry aroma beautifies the whole taste 

but not overshadows already recognizable taste of White Birch Vodka.

White Birch Frosty Cranberry is available in 0,05 l - 0,5 l – 0,7 l  and 1 l bottles.